How We Work

Working with us is, at it's core, designed to be easy. We pride ourselves on being a plug-and-play type of operation. We will always offer suggestions as to your needs, but we're realistic when it comes to taking those suggestions and comparing them to the cost metric associated with them. 

We usually have one contact within an organization. Whether it's an official marketing manager, or someone who wears several hats, we think it best that we have one funnel of contact through which to flow our work, proof our ideas and obtain final approvals. It keeps the number of redundancies down, makes the workflow nimble, and keeps communication simple and precise.


Everyone wants to know, "What's the bottom line?" With RM3Media, it's simple. We charge a rate of $80 per hour, and we only charge for work we do. We don't charge for meetings, consultations, answering emails, phone calls or messaging. If it's work done on your behalf, we charge for it. If not, we don't. We bill based off of a project estimate, and we stick to that estimate like glue. Should the project scope change midstream, we adjust the project scope estimate and make sure you're OK with it. The goal here is transparency. We don't like surprises and we know you don't either. 

When we bill based on a retainer, we typically do it as a not-to-exceed retainer, which you set the monthly budget on. It allows us to work without a pre-set project scope (although we'll still estimate task time and track it accordingly), and puts a cap on the work being done on your behalf. It's a nimble way to work for larger companies who have many marketing needs, and allows you to be comfortable in keeping your marketing budget set, safe and sane. We bill this based on a one- or a two-week cycle (your choice), and we send all supporting tracking reports to you. That way you know who did what, when, where and how, as well as how much time you have left with each billing cycle.

With poject-based billing, we will meet with you, estimate all costs necessary on our end to deliver your finished product, and get you a project-scope estimate. Once it's signed off on, we get to work. As previously stated, we bill off this estimate, and we stick to it. If the scope changes at any point in time, we amend the estimate and make sure you approve it. We prefer our clients have the luxury of knowing what their bill is going to be from the outset. Once completed, we invoice you for the work done, and provide all necessary project scope reporting to verify it.

Typically our partners bill you directly for their services. If you prefer, we can handle payment and invoicing for them, and add it to our invoice, so you only have one invoice to reconcile. If we handle the invoicing and billing, we do charge a 10% fee, to cover our time and efforts. 

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